Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hi Guys just got back from Sarajevo Open. Was a great comp even better than last year and recommend it to everyone for next year. As far as I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event because the hospitality was great and the hotel and equipment used was superb. There were no complaints what so ever and the organisers asked us to make some suggestions to make the tournament better for next year but we were all lost for words. We were all pleased for Ralph who eventually won the event because he hadnt won a tournament for a few months and had been in a purple patch. I came 9th place and was a bit dissapointed because have been playing well having won two consecutive GB9 ball tournaments and a 3rd place in the Swiss Open which I feel I should have won aswell. But anyhow you must take the rough with the smooth....you cant win em all as they say. Although the feild as a whole was'nt that strong apart from a select few it was a good warm up tournament for the US Open which starts next week. I fly out on Thursday morning with the other British guys. Looking forward to go to the States because there is always alot of action going on in the local pool room if you are not playing a tournament match. Keep you posted..........chat to you soon guys.