Friday, 17 December 2010

Hi guys, had the pleasure of attending this years Mosconi Cup on my doorstep in London. It was actually the first time I had been to the Mosconi at Bethnall Green. What a great atmosphere, the crowd were fantastic chanting and singing songs for the whole four days relentlessly. It brought back alot of memories from when I played the Mosconi Cup myself in Holland which was great too. The event itself was good to watch because there were alot of twists and turns in alot of matches. Up untill 6-6 both teams were pretty evenly matched but Dennis Hatch made a school boy error not to run out with 2 balls remaining against Appleton at hill hill. For me this was the turning point and from then on we got alot of inspiration from this mistake and went on to win pretty comfortably. Well done again to the European squad !!!

Recently I played 2 gb9 ball tour events in Blackpool. I came 3rd in both events.....not bad but expected to win atleast 1 event. Its a bit harsh losing in 2 semi-finals but my opponents had to play well to beat me because I was playing some top quality pool. My next international event will be the 9 ball Paris Open in the middle of January 2011 followed by a Euro tour event also in Paris in February.

I have a new practise base in my home town which is the recently converted Mist Gentlemans club in Hounslow where I live. This club has alot of history behind it going back to the old highway men days......remember Dick Turpin the high way man who was very famous known for his looting and robberies. The club was a snooker club even in those days called Lucania and had some great snooker players. It then was bought out by Rileys who kept it for a long time until it was bought by the current owner Pali who called the club Demons keeping the snooker and American pool theme. Now Pali has embarked on his new venture......a gentlemans club. The whole layout and design of the place has changed and when I walked in on the opening night it was a bit of a shame not to see a snooker club anymore because thats where i grew up playing and had become part of the furniture. Yes it was a bit emotional because I had spent years and years there playing for hours on end. However look on the bright side which I always do Pali kept a Brunswick Gold Crown 5 there which is in superb condition and plays great. Yes a pool table in a gentlemans club. An interesting new environment to practise in to say the least. It is quite good because it has been sectioned off from the rest of the club to give it some privacy. The occasional model wearing next to nothing comes round now and then asking me if i want a drink which is pleasant on the eye. The missus isnt too happy about my new playing environment but thats life what can i do....wink wink... lol!!!
Race to 9 for a lap dance anyone lol!!!!!!