Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Phew !! just got back from knackered did a solid four hours. Practice thesedays is tougher than usual because it is the month of Ramadan where I have to fast (not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset).
Anyway I played 'The Ghost' today. For those who dont know, the ghost is an imaginary person that you have to beat in a game of pool. Its a good way of giving you an incentive to practice by trying to beat this imaginary person.You rack the balls up and break. Then you get ball in hand and you have to run out the complete rack. If you miss the ghost is awarded the rack. Yes, the ghost doesnt miss so you best make sure you dont either. Back in the day I started with the 9ball ghost but would easily beat it so I upgraded to the 10 ball then the 11 ball ghost and so forth. I have beaten all the ghosts upto the 14 ball ghost which I am playing thesedays. Gosh he's a tough player!! I couldnt beat him today I tried five sets racing to 9. He beat me 9-4, 9-6,9-3,9-6 and 9-7.  However I cant beat myself up about it because when playing 14 ball there is always alot of traffic and clusters to deal with so sometimes a rack can be very difficult. So, considering the difficulty of the 14 ball ghost my scorelines are not bad especially the 9-7 where i ran out some very tricky racks. One rack involved 2 kick shots a combination and 2 banks! It felt real good though after running it!
Try it yourself starting with the 9ball ghost and move upwards. Gonna beat that 14 ball ghost tomorrow !! GGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!