Friday, 20 August 2010

Yipeeeee!! did eventually beat the 14 ball ghost yesterday. I was detemined to beat the 14ball ghost after numerous efforts on Wednesday. After coaching I went to my pool room Demons in Hounslow and set off on my mission. The first set I lost 9-4 and did'nt play very good. Got a bit frustrated because I was'nt running out some racks that I should. I then took a time out went to the toilet had a cup of tea and started another set. This time, I cleaned the balls and I put more effort into the break and racked the balls perfectly. Wow!! I was making 3-4 balls on the break, in one rack I made 5 balls. From then on I was getting easy runouts because I only had 10 or 11 balls to runout after the break. I beat the ghost 9-3 and let out a great sigh of relief. So in the end it was the break that was the key factor and the cleaning of the balls ensured that my racks were more frozen hence making more balls and getting easier layouts.

Did you know that Earl Strickland cleaned all the balls after every rack when he won one of his US Open titles.

Today my sister and brother in law with 4 nephews are coming round for dinner. I call them 'The Circus' but lets not go into that. I have elected myself to make one of my famous chicken curries. A dish fit for Maharaja's. Yes I can cook, its one of my hobbies, am not just good at pool! lol! My chicken curry is a lovely concoction of traditional herbs and spices but also has an element of Thai food involved too. I like to add some lime and a bit of coconut which compliment the indian spices once mixed together with the meat. (been watching too much Master Chef) haha!

The Maharaja's famous chiken curry, voted 'The Best Curry of 2010' my house lol!!!