Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The trials and tribulations of babysitting.

Oh no! today its Tuesday and its babysitting morning....Phuh!!! Sometimes babysitting can be fun and entertaining but sometimes can be an absolute nightmare. It was plain sailing this morning until the nappy came off !!! The art of nappy changing seems to be my nemesis.......it always falls off! No its not funny!!Maybe its because my 3 year old nephew is quite hyper and loves jumping around the place or the nappy fasteners are simply no good. Its like the fourth or fifth time this has happened however much care and attention I put in when fastening the nappy. Think next time I will get some heavy duty masking tape and wrap it around the nappy about 100 times lol!! Nappy changing to me is like running a really tough rack of pool where every shot that you are faced with  is very difficult but you keep on getting them with a few jump shots along the way......then when you finish you let out a big sigh of releif.
Phew!! glad I got that over and done with it was like I had just finished a race to 100 with Bustamante!
Two minutes later the 3 year old started crying at the top of his voice and would'nt stop! He had been fed and had a clean nappy on so what now! I was snookered with no rails to kick at and no jump shot available!
At this stage it was getting a bit silly and I could'nt even phone my sister because she was in a meeting with a client. I tried and tried to think of a solution while bouncing him in my arms walking around the whole house hoping that he would stop bellowing in my earhole.
Aha! I had an idea.......would take him for a cruise round the block in the car. As I fitted the baby seat in the car the baby was still crying very loud and Valerie the oap from next door opened her window and said ' everything ok Imran'..............Yes Valerie we are fine just taking him for a little drive I said........make sure you fasten him in properly Imran........Yes Valerie I will do I replied furiously my face totally red with embarrasment. Anyway got into the car and put the radio on....... it was Snoop Dog!! Lo and behold the little terror stopped crying. I was over the moon at this point could'nt beleive it, my nephew had stopped crying and was now smiling!!.
We then set off for a little cruise both of us smiling and nodding our heads to the rapping of Snoop Dog!

Thanks Snoop your my favourite!

Sister got back at 1pm thank god and I rush out to Demons to continue my practice regime. Hope its easier than my morning!                       Chow for now!!