Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Played the Demons Double Trouble event on Sunday and lo and behold i won! The tournament has an exciting new format where if you win the lag you can choose the discipline you want to play ,8,9 or 10 ball.
I had to give some people a handicap but played good enough to win. I think this is the 3rd or 4th consecutive tournament win at Demons. See what I mean about running tournaments.

Anyway that was on Sunday. Today i am starting my practice regime shot for the forthcoming Euro tour in Finland.When I first started practicsing I used to just spread the balls out on the table and run out rack after rack but that became boring and most of the time i was running out and there was no real challenge. Now i concentrate on parts of my game which need improving. With the break off shot being such an integral part of the game I spend alot of time these days breaking rack after rack. I will do 100 break off shots and have a scoring system to monitor each break and its performance.
There is 1 point for each ball i make, 2 points for a good cue ball,minus 2 points for a scratch and minus 3 points for a dry break. So really I am trying my best not to dry break or scratch which have a penalty.  I know it can take a long time and be quite physically demanding to rack up and execute 100 breaks so maybe you can try 20 or 30 and see how you get on. I usually get a friend for me to rack the balls with the aid of a magic rack. Try it see how you get on......

After practice off to watch the new box office hit The Expendables.